Jean Feroldi
Art Director and Reptile

I'm Jean, an art director and designer.

I wanted to be an architect my whole life. I loved Legos and destroying art supplies and my high school French teacher let me design a shopping mall as long as I remembered to label stores "magasin de chaussures" instead of "Foot Locker." 

I went to architecture school. It was a dream come true!

And then the housing market collapsed while I was making tiny fake senior centers. It dawned on me that I probably wouldn't be making actual buildings for anyone for a very long time. 

So I graduated and took a cubicle job in DC. I learned to commute by bus and walk in pencil skirts and brunch until it got dark outside. I was terribly good at all of it. 

But I wasn't a designer. So I found something else (hint: Brandcenter) that would let me create things for people and do a little bit of designing here and there along the way. 


VCU Brandcenter / Richmond, VA
MS in Business
Aug 2014 - May 2016

University of Virginia / Charlottesville, VA
BS in Architectural Design
Aug 2007 - May 2011


Facebook / New York, NY and Menlo Park, CA
Jul 2016 - Present

Pitch / Culver City, CA
Strategy Intern
Jun 2015 - Aug 2015

PadillaCRT / Richmond, VA
Brand Strategy Intern
Nov 2013 - Jul 2014

The American Institute of Architects / Washington, DC
Manager, Continuing Education Communications
Nov 2012 - Oct 2013


Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects)
Microsoft Office
Laser Cutting and Woodworking